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We have been recognised as a PADI 5 star IDC centre

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We have been awarded a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

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We are official members of Cape Town Tourism

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Into the Blue is the premier dive shop in Cape Town. Our focus is not on giving you the cheapest course or dive out there - but rather to give you value for money - a quality and safe experience. When you dive with us, you will have good and professional instructors and dive masters, well maintained gear, and we have a ratio of max 5 clients per dive master. We aim to always have at least 2 dive masters on our boat, to make sure that, should you have any problems, someone will be able to assist you. This is part of the reason why we have been rewarded with a PADI certificate of excellence! The owner is also very much involved in the business, and we constantly strive to give you an even better experience!
  • We keep the adventure and the fun in scuba diving.
  • We are passionate about the ocean and about diving.
  • Transportation from Cape Town City Centre is available.
  • We keep our groups small, which means more individual attention.
  • You can be sure to be taught by a well trained and professional PADI Instructor.
  • Courses can be arranged to fit your schedule.
  • You can meet new people, have fun, make friends!
  • We stock top quality scuba diving gear for rental and for sale


  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world wide association that certifies the diving courses that you will be taught at Into The Blue Scuba Diving Cape Town.
  • By choosing to do a PADI course, you are assured of a very thorough and well-planned course. PADI keeps the fun in diving, while at the same time also teaching strict safe scuba diving practices.
  • Currently about 72% of all recreational divers across the world do their diving through PADI – which means that no matter where you go, your PADI certification will always be accepted!

Visit our PADI DIVING COURSES - CAPE TOWN page for more information on the various PADI courses that we offer.





Theo is the founder of Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre in Cape Town. He started with diving back in 1996, and was in love with the underwater world. He is known for his friendliness. Deep dives and wreck dives are his favourite type of dives.

Languages: Afrikaans & English



Nic is a lawyer who went on a refresher course, and ended up buying into a diving school and is currently a PADI Divemaster in training. He spends his days in the law office dreaming about weekends, when he can go diving. Nic is probably the only person who sits in his bath at night wearing a mask and snorkel while reading his Divestyle magazine. His dream is to become a PADI Instructor.

Languages: English and Afrikaans



Joané is mad about the ocean and believes that the 7 Gill Cow Sharks are underwater ‘pets’. She is a PADI divemaster at Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre and working in the front of the shop to welcome the clients with her big smile. 

Languages: English and Afrikaans



Nadia started as an Open Water Student at Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre and is now one of the best Instructors in the scuba industry. She is the happiest when she can be underwater exploring and teaching. Nadia is like a fish in the ocean, very comfortable and doesn’t use any air!

Languages: English and Afrikaans



James did his first diving course in 2013, and came out of the water with a huge smile on his face. He hasn't stopped diving, and that smile is still there! He is extremely passionate about diving, and loves gadgets. He is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, is is aiming at going into technical diving - meaning going even deeper with even more gadgets.

Languages: English



Coming down from Zimbabwe, Robbie started diving in 2014, and must have logged about 800 dives by now! He is one of Cape Town's favorite diving instructors, with a lot of patience and some very good teaching skills. 

Languages: English & Shona