Since Into the Blue was founded in 2010, we've strived for excellence in what we do.

Into the Blue is a premier dive shop in Cape Town. Our focus is not on giving you the cheapest course or dive out there - but rather to give you value for money - a quality and safe experience. When you dive with us, you will have good and professional instructors and dive masters, well maintained gear, and we have a ratio of max 5 clients per dive master. We aim to always have at least 2 dive masters on our boat, to make sure that, should you have any problems, someone will be able to assist you. This is part of the reason why we have been rewarded with a PADI certificate of excellence! The owner is also very much involved in the business, and we constantly strive to give you an even better experience!

  • We keep the adventure and the fun in scuba diving.
  • We are passionate about the ocean and about diving.
  • Transportation from Cape Town City Centre is available.
  • We keep our groups small, which means more individual attention.
  • You can be sure to be taught by a well trained and professional PADI Instructor.
  • Courses can be arranged to fit your schedule.
  • You can meet new people, have fun, make friends!
  • We stock top quality scuba diving gear for rental and for sale

Our passion for service excellence

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We have been recognised as a PADI 5 star IDC centre, and have won a PADI award.

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We have been awarded many Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence over the years, and keep on striving for more!

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We are official members of Cape Town Tourism



Theo Prinsloo

Theo is the founder of Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre in Cape Town. He did his Instructor Courses in 2007, and is in love with the underwater world. Adventure & Exploring is what sends his pulse racing! You might meet Theo in the shop, or on the boat as your skipper.

Robyn Rossouw

Robyn did her Instructors Courses in 2015, and has to be one of the people who is the most in love with the underwater world. She has done around 2500 dives, and have certified around 350 students.

Whether you meet Robyn in our bookings office or in the water, you will remember her as calm, friendly, and patient.

Her favourite type of dives are reef dives. Her best diving memory was seeing a Sunfish at the Maori wreck.

GK Hwata

GK did his instructor courses in 2018, and has done more than a thousand dives in Cape Town's waters. He has certified about 200 students so far. He loves the peacfulness and tranquility of swimming through kelp forrests while diving.

JP van der Walt

If you want to make JP's day, tell him he is skippering. JP LOVES the sea -whether in it or on it. He has taught about a 100 students how to dive, and has done in excess of 1000 dives.


  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world wide association that certifies the diving courses that you will be taught at Into The Blue Scuba Diving Cape Town.
  • By choosing to do a PADI course, you are assured of a very thorough and well-planned course. PADI keeps the fun in diving, while at the same time also teaching strict safe scuba diving practices.
  • Currently about 72% of all recreational divers across the world do their diving through PADI – which means that no matter where you go, your PADI certification will always be accepted!

Visit our PADI DIVING COURSES - CAPE TOWN page for more information on the various PADI courses that we offer.