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Scuba diving with seals

Scuba Dive with Seals in Cape Town

Scuba dive Cape Town – 7 Questions (with answers) you are yet to ask your divemaster

Whether it’s because of our inability to speak underwater, insecurity, or merely because the question seems inappropriate at the time, some questions regarding scuba diving often go unasked.  For this...

6 Types of Dives for the Uncertified Scuba Diver in Cape Town

Not a certified scuba diver?  You can still go diving in Cape Town.


Do you yearn for to discover new and wonderful places? Does a sense of adventure keep you looking for that next great experience, for that moment in time where a...

Take a PADI course for an unforgettable scuba diving experience.

Not everyone can climb Mount Kilimanjaro or walk on the moon, but, if you want to disconnect from the digital, stressed out and fast-paced daily life, a padi course might...

Enrich your life with professional scuba diving training

It is a calling, a hunger and a primordial DNA strand in your body to become one with the sheer beauty, excitement and thrill that exists beneath our beautiful oceans.

Keeping warm while diving in Cape Town

We have all been there… you are so cold that you don’t see the beauty around you anymore, you just want to get out of the water.

Diving with the Blue and Mako Sharks

Sometimes one manages to get oneself into a situation where, when one has a moment to stand back and think about it for second, one asks oneself how on earth...

Favorite dive sites around Cape Town

We all have our favourite dive sites. There are many factors that can influence your affinity towards a specific dive site. Some of us like diving on shipwrecks.

Nick's dry suit experience

I had heard mixed stories about dry suit diving – some had mentioned the benefits of diving in the cold (I even know of an instructor who gives pool training...