Enrich your life with professional scuba diving training

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It is a calling, a hunger and a primordial DNA strand in your body to become one with the sheer beauty, excitement and thrill that exists beneath our beautiful oceans. Perhaps it is a part of your ‘bucket list’ you want ticked off, or desire to do what you love as a professional way of life. Whatever your reason, when you find the best certified scuba diving instructors in Cape Town, you will join a rich legacy of brave men who pioneered, lived and died over the centuries to make the scuba diving journey you will embark on a safe, life enriching and life changing experience that never stops giving back.

Since the beginning of time mankind has been driven by a thirst to explore. We have landed on the moon, climbed to the dizzying height of Mount Everest and there are many who have reached many of the deepest trenches in the ocean, yet, there remains a world of mystery and adventure that with its great unexplored depths is perhaps our final frontier to delve into. A frontier that still contains so many mysteries and so many places no human being has ever been before.

Knowledge is essential when scuba diving

To become a part of the thrill, adrenalin rush and adventure, we have to be ever conscious of the immense power of the ocean, to understand clearly the dangers and to safely negotiate those dangers inherent to becoming a one with such awesome power.

Taking your first step into the world of scuba diving, scuba diving classes and becoming a certified scuba diver are essential to learning to scuba dive safely. If your regulator falls out of your mouth under water you need to know how to put it back, how to clear your mask if it fills with water and many other safety issues that are a necessity to prepare for when you are in the extreme pressure of the water surrounding you.

What to expect from your first scuba diving lesson

A certified scuba diving instructor will teach you how to use your scuba diving equipment safely. New divers will be taken through the physics and safety of scuba diving, understanding your diving equipment and practice your diving skills in a closed water environment under careful guidance, before you go on your first exciting journey into beginner padi scuba diving. From then on in, the world of the ocean will truly become your oyster!

Whatever drives you into the ocean, the bottom line is to learn, from the ground and into the water, and to learn from no one but the best! This is not an experience to be taken on without the very best of the best to guide you, and there is nothing like learning from those who live their passion and want to share it with others, like the crew at Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre in Cape Town.

If scuba diving feels like a world of excitement to you, and the adventure of it all gets your blood rushing, then you know that diving will change your life, and keep changing it, keep giving back!

As with anything else that gets our adrenalin pumping, to make the thrill worthwhile, and to get to that rush, you need to understand at the outset that there are fundamental dangers inherent to this journey under the water, and this is where nothing but the best instruction will do. When you know what to do to minimise and manage the risks, taken through the journey with an expert scuba diving guide to take you through the process, you will know that you have truly taken on a world of excitement with the best fundamental instruction as your base.

Under the expert guidance of your scuba diving instructors, you will learn how to make sure that you work the buddy system, where your dive partner and you work together to watch over each other and so much more that makes safe diving an essential investment.

Through this process, you will become a part of a special breed of family, men, women and children who embark on this exciting journey of discovery, who, on the day you graduate, will stand tall together, knowing that you have been given the best by those who hand you your certification.

Scuba diving will change your life

Once you become a certified scuba diver, you will discover that another passion will go hand in hand with the sheer enveloping and profound energy of the currents moving around you under the water, and that is to continue a legacy of the ethics of the early explorers that will infect you to the point where you will truly care about the preservation, ecology and exploration of our oceans, and pay it forward for generations to come.

The day you scuba dive with ease and navigate through a pod of whales or schools of fish that are beautiful beyond imagination and explore inexplicably mystical underwater gardens, you will realise that this is a world that will keep giving back, that will keep enriching your life no matter how many times you enter into the deep blue.

In the insanity of a world unravelling from living at warp speed and spreading across the globe, getting ready to enter below the surface of the water will be knowing that you are entering a universe of pure escape and sheer adventure, disconnected from all that is unnatural to our core being, and connected as one to pure sensory pleasure.

There is still room for true pioneers in the vastness of the ocean, no matter how much exploration has already been done; it is a frontier that remains vastly unexplored. If you choose to become a pioneer in the 21st century then the little bit of effort you put in to learn to scuba dive safely will open an exciting, fun and adventure filled world beyond imagination.

There is a world of sheer adventure, excitement, fun and awe inspiring experience just waiting for you to take the plunge.

You know what to do now, and, as Nike says it, JUST DO IT!