Are your First Aid skills a little rusty? Can you not quite remember how many compressions to breaths to do with CPR? If so, you need to do our EFR Refresher Course!

EFR recommends that you do a refresher course every 2 years, in order to keep your first aid skills in tip top shape. This is also essential so that you keep current with the latest developments and techniques in First Aid.

Quick overview of the EFR Refresher
Course in Cape Town

  • Course is conducted at Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Consists out of practical skills refreshment


This course is conducted at Into the Blue Scuba dive Centre, and is typically done in the afternoon or in the evenings. The course consists out of a short theory section, and a practical section where we run over the skills that we did in your EFR Primary & Secondary Care (Adult or Children) courses. We practice the skills until you master them.


  1. How often should I renew my EFR/ First Aid certification?
    Every 2 years.

  2. I have a First Aid certification with another agency than EFR – can I do the EFR refresher course?
    No. If you would like to obtain the EFR certification, you need to do the EFR course.


What have others said about Into the Blue Scuba Dive Center?

Globetrekker Oxford

“Top marks for safety and professionalism”....

The reason for giving five stars is not because my dive day was good - it was horrible, a complete washout, no viz, unpleasant swell, just all round yucky conditions.

However, that's nature, and dive operators can do nothing about it. What all dive operators should do is be as professional and customer-focused as the guys from ITB diving.

First thing to note is that ITB is considerably cheaper (by almost 1000.- Rand) than Simonstown operators, which is baffling considering that they also have the transport cost from Cape Town to budget for.

DMs, Instructors and Shopfloor staff are all super friendly and helpful; I even got picked up from my Cape Town digs and dropped off afterwards, free of charge.

On the boat, I saw all the emergency and redundancy gear I like to see: twin engines (VERY important!), Oxygen, comms gear, flares, the lot. Briefings were thorough, and buddy check was insisted on.

The trip to Seal Rock in the RIB was fun in the swell, but when we got there the captain did not let us dive because of the unsafe conditions. Disappointing as this was, he was totally right. Low tide and heavy swells are a dangerous combination this close to the rocks, and as for trying to get back into a RIB in seas like this....
We then tried the PMB wreck, where zero viz and nasty vertical swell separated the group and forced us out of the water after 25 minutes.

The captain did offer to try another spot but was honest enough to tell us that in his opinion it was going to be rubbish everywhere, and so we called it a day.

Back at the dive shop, we were all offered a re-schedule, but as I'm out of time I was given half my money back. I know from experience that this is not the norm in the industry, sadly.

Into the Blue is a top notch outfit that does things by the book, with a strong safety focus and very customer centered, on top of offering reasonable pricing and a fair refund policy. You'll have a hard time to find a better operator anywhere around. They'll definitely be my first choice when I pass through next, and for doing my IDC sometime this year.

Just hope mother nature will be in better mood then.

Visited April 2017


Amy Musto

Had the best diving experience with Into the Blue, first...

dive was a ship wreck followed by doing yoga moves with the seals. Would highly recommend diving with these guys, very professional and fun! I sadly lost my go pro whilst diving with the seals but I'll always have the memories!

Maximilian Nehrkorn

If you want to go dive in Cape Town, this is the place to go!...

5 Star Padi dive centre, offering great packages, with an emphasis on safe diving practices.