As the sun sets on your favourite scuba dive site, it magically changes into a wondrous new world beaming with different life and things to see. Night diving allows you to see the underwater world in a new light and re-explore a new site in very different conditions.

Just as above water, there are different animals that come out at night, while others go to sleep. Come closer to sleeping fish and see the nocturnal crayfish scavenge the area for food and see a whole new array of animals.

Quick overview of the PADI Night Diver Scuba Diving Course in Cape Town

  • Duration: 2 days
  • 3 x dives
  • Minimum age : 12 years
  • Bring your swimsuit, towel, a warm jacket and a snack (torches are included)


The PADI Night Diver Specialty Course is conducted in the evenings. We normally meet at the Into the Blue Shop in Cape Town at 6pm, and divers can expect to be finished by around 10pm a night. The course consists out of theory and 3 practical scuba dive sessions in the ocean around Cape Town.


Divers have to read the PADI Night Diving Manual, and complete and review the knowledge reviews found in this manual.


The practical side comprises three dives:

  • Number 1: Navigation at night
  • Number 2: Navigation at night
  • Number 3: Leading a dive at night, lights out exercise    


  1. Isn’t it scary in the dark?
    Not at all. We all go with our own torches and it opens up a whole new world of interesting critters to see which is very exciting to us.

  2. Why would I want to dive in the dark?
    There are different fish that come out at night, which means that even if you have dived the same site before, there will be new things that you will see.


What have others said about Into the Blue Scuba Dive Center?


“brilliant organisation and awesome diving!!!” Into the blue is a very well organised and professionally run dive shop...

I dived with Into the blue last week, and despite having an early meeting time was greeted by the staff with instant smiles and friendliness. Within 15 minutes the blond lady at reception had our whole groups paperwork sorted, gear packed, and introductions given.

There was a groupf of about 7 of us, and we all got to know eachother and the rest of the staff very well throughout the day. Everyone of the staff was friendly and happy to lend a helping hand, and they were very thorough and professional throughout the day.

The dive conditions didn't end up being so good, but the skipper GP was wise enough to call off the second dive for safety and we were sorted out back at the shop with rescheduling and refunds.

Very well done, and I would highly recommend for any divers visiting Cape town. I will be back to dive with Into the blue again!!!

Visited April 2017

Jayson De Ath

Super and very professional setup. Glad I was able to dive...

with them and would not only recommend diving here, but look forward to the next trip to dive with again.

Marlise Jordaan

Super friendly staff. Would def recommend using this place