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You are diving on one of your favorite scuba dive sites and looking at your computer you realize that it is time to end your dive – your no decompression time is up! It is such a pity, because you are having the time of your life and besides, you still havr 100 bar left in your cylinder!

Extend your no decompression times by scuba diving with Enriched Air! Not only will you be able to stay under water deeper for longer, but you will also come out of the water feeling more energized and refreshed than you would if you had been diving on normal air.

Quick overview of the PADI Enriched Air Scuba Diver Course in Cape Town

  •  You must have your PADI Open Water scuba certification
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Minimum age to scuba dive: 15
  • The scuba dive course will take between 4 and 5 hours. It will focus on the special requirements of enriched air equipment, different air blends, using the PADI Enriched Air RDP (EAD), managing oxygen exposure, special applications of Enriched Air Diving and handling emergencies related to Enriched Air Diving.
  • Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and a snack.


The PADI Enriched Air Course is normally conducted in the afternoon or evening, here at the Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre in Cape Town. Although we only do theory in this course, there is an optional scuba dive that can be done as well. This scuba dive is normally done on a different day than the theory. You will learn the following:


It consists of two theory parts:

  • Watching the PADI Enriched Air Diving Video
  • Reading the PADI Enriched Air Diving Manual and completing and reviewing the Knowledge reviews.


  • Oxygen analysis
  • Filling Enriched Air cylinders
  • Using EAD, Equivalent Air Depth formula
  • Oxygen partial pressure formula


  1. Why would I want to do the Enriched Air Diving Course?
    It extends your dive times by extending your no decompression limits, therefore allowing you to dive deeper for longer. This means that you can then enjoy your diving more as you will be able to explore more of your favourite dive sites without worrying that you will run out of air.

  2. Is it difficult?
    With the proper training that you get from this course, no it isn’t. You will be able to understand different enriched air blends, the proper filling and oxygen analysis techniques. Once you understand the theory behind it can be as easy as normal diving.

  3. Is using enriched air dangerous?
    No it isn’t dangerous, this is because of the extensive training that you receive in the course which teaches you about diving within safe limits. The course also highlights special emergency procedures for Enriched Air Diving so therefore you are always prepared for whatever may come your way.

  4. How long can I stay down for?
    Enriched air diving extends your no decompression limits so therefore it will extend your total bottom time. However how long your dive times are extended by varies from person to person depending on your air consumption rate and many other factors.

  5. What do EANx32 and EANx36 mean?
    EANx32 and EANx36 are the most common types of enriched air blends you get.  The number 32 and 36 are representative of the percentage of oxygen that is in the blend. Therefore in EANx32 you have 32% oxygen in the air blend compared to the regular 21% or normal air.

  6. Will you need to have decompression stops?
    No, with the PADI Enriched Air Diver course you are only extending your no decompression limits and therefore do not have to make decompression stops like Tec Divers.


What have others said about Into the Blue Scuba Dive Center?


Great Experience - I did two fun dives with Into The Blue (plus I also booked the shark cage...

 through them) and I had an excellent experience. The communication via email was great and the brunette at reception (I'm really sorry but I didn't catch your name) was very friendly and helpful. My dive guide for the day was Jacque, who was also very welcoming and made the day a lot of fun. We did a wreck dive which was okay and then a dive with seals, and from my 800+ dives it was definitely one of my most favourite so far. JP was driving the boat for us and he was very attentive, the whole dive centre seemed very organised and I would definitely recommend them. The only disappointment from the day was that Llewellyn didn't ask me to marry him :)
Thanks a lot guys!

Clinton Bobbert

I recommend anyone that is nervous or thinking twice to do scuba diving, it is the best choice you can...

I grew up on the sea, always wondered how it must be into the deep blue sea. Then one day me and my wife decided to do an attempt to do scuba diving and I was quite nervous about going under water but thanks to the Into the blue crew and their patience and determination me and my wife found a new hobby and looking forward to go around the world and scuba dive all around the world. So from me and my wife we want to thank Cape Town, South Africa, Into the blue, for what we have experienced and thank you for opening a new world to us! I recommend anyone that is nervous or thinking twice to do scuba diving, it is the best choice you can ever make!

Brian Brown

Great diving courses. Friendly staff. 5 star.