Learn how to lead dives. Doing this certification allows you work as a dive guide, and to assist on dive courses.

Are you ready to take your diving to the next level, and to swop your desk job for an ocean job?

Doing your PADI Divemaster Course can open many doors for you! Some use it to travel the world, others to get paid for diving on weekends at their local dive center – the options are numerous!

The PADI Divemaster Qualification is an excellent achievement to have on your CV, and can give you a boost in many related industries.

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Besides the fact that Cape Town is one of the top tourism destinations, with an awesome vibe, the diving in Cape Town will prepare you well for any diving environment out there! The Cape is not known as the Cape of Storms for nothing, and with the water being cold, you will learn to deal with conditions that are not as easy as in the tropics.


Into the Blue is the perfect sized dive centre, as far as Divemaster training goes. We are a very active “family sized” dive centre. This means that we mostly have dives going out every day, but, we are still small enough to form close relationships with each other, and to give personalized training.

We have been training Divemasters and Instructors since 2010, and most of our interns leave as friends.

We also have a very versatile range of dives that we do, which means that you will probably get experience in shore dives, boat dives, snorkeling, assisting on courses, and much more!



Duration: 4-6 weeks, which includes:

  • Pool training days
  • Ocean training days
  • Assisting on dive courses
  • Learning to lead scuba dives
  • Stamina test
  • Dive theory (mostly online)
  • Helping around the dive center
  • Hard work, lot’s of fun!

Minimum 20 dives done, normally more!

Course cost:

  • Divemaster course: R28500

Included in the cost

  • Diving course tuition
  • Digital theory
  • Minimum 20 Dives
  • Any equipment rental needed


  • Registration with PADI (approx. 93 Pounds Sterling, excl VAT)


  • Minimum age: 18
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certification or an equivalent certification from another training organisation.
  • 40 Logged dives to start, 60 logged dives by completion. Divers who do not yet have 40 logged dives should talk to us about an internship to log dives.
  • Valid CPR certification within the last 2 years.
  • Medical clearance from a doctor
  • You need to be reasonably healthy. Please download our medical questionnaire.

our training philosophy 

Don’t train until you get it right, train until you can’t get it wrong.

When you do your Divemaster Course with Into the Blue, you can be assured that we won’t just “tick the boxes” to get you certified. Professionalism in the industry is very important to us at Into the Blue. With this in mind, we ask ourselves the question when the time comes to certify a Divemaster: Would we at Into the Blue send out our own clients, using the candidate in training as guide? We train with you until you meet the standards for us to answer “yes” to this question.

This means hard work, but also that our Divemasters’ are much sought after!


In the Divemaster Course, there is a blend of improving your own dive skills, and teaching you how to look after clients and lead dives.

In the theory section, you learn more about how diving affects your body, dive equipment, the physics of diving, and much more! Practically we help you pollish your own dives skills until you become a "Pro" at them, and there are many practical classes where the focus is on either assisting an instructor on various courses, or on preparing for and leading certified divers on dives.



Daily itinerary

Divemaster courses are typically done over 5 or 6 days a week.

The following is a typically daily schedule:

  • Meet at shop at 6am or 7am
  • Prepare equipment, load up boats and cars
  • Meet clients, go training activity of the day
  • Dive
  • Come back to shop, fill out logbooks
  • Wash equipment, boats
  • Clean-up dive center
  • Daily briefing
  • Go home at around 5pm or 6pm.


Depending on the duration of your stay, we are happy to recommend various accommodation options in our area, ranging from Backpackers to shared housing.


  • Why become a Divemaster through PADI, and not one of the other diving agencies out there?

    PADI has got the biggest share of the recreational dive market, which means if you’re going to be looking for a job as a Divemaster, this is where the most work is.


  • Why is the certification fee of 93 Pounds Sterling (excl. VAT) not included in the course fees?

    We you become a Divemaster, you officially become a member of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). With this in mind, PADI bills you directly.

    Payment for done can only be done directly with PADI. At the end of your course, when we certify you, you will receive a PADI registration form, which will require Credit Card details from you for the certification.


  • Is there a yearly fee?

    Yes, you need to renew PADI membership yearly, for as long as you want to be an active member. The fee is the same as the initial registration fee.

What have others said about Into the Blue Scuba Dive Center?


“brilliant organisation and awesome diving!!!” Into the blue is a very well organised and professionally run dive shop...

I dived with Into the blue last week, and despite having an early meeting time was greeted by the staff with instant smiles and friendliness. Within 15 minutes the blond lady at reception had our whole groups paperwork sorted, gear packed, and introductions given.

There was a groupf of about 7 of us, and we all got to know eachother and the rest of the staff very well throughout the day. Everyone of the staff was friendly and happy to lend a helping hand, and they were very thorough and professional throughout the day.

The dive conditions didn't end up being so good, but the skipper GP was wise enough to call off the second dive for safety and we were sorted out back at the shop with rescheduling and refunds.

Very well done, and I would highly recommend for any divers visiting Cape town. I will be back to dive with Into the blue again!!!

Visited April 2017

Amy Musto

Had the best diving experience with Into the Blue, first...

dive was a ship wreck followed by doing yoga moves with the seals. Would highly recommend diving with these guys, very professional and fun! I sadly lost my go pro whilst diving with the seals but I'll always have the memories!

Julien van Zyl

I've been doing a scuba course with these guys, and am very impressed...

with the level of personal attention and professionalism. The staff are all warm, friendly and patient. I would highly recommend Into the Blue.