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Want to learn how to scuba dive in Cape Town but don't have the time to do a course with lessons that span over a number of days? Or, maybe you're thinking of taking up diving but you're just not sure if it’s the thing for you? If so, then the Discover Scuba Diving Course facilitated by Into the Blue Scuba Diving in Cape Town, is just what you are looking for!

Created by PADI as an introduction to scuba diving, it promises to be a fun and exciting way of learning to breathe underwater.

There are two ways of doing your Discover Scuba, either in the pool or in the ocean near Cape Town.

Quick overview of the Discover Scuba Course

  • Duration: between 1-5 hours depending on the option you choose
  • You have the option of doing it in a swimming pool or in the ocean around Cape Town
  • Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and a snack.
  • You must be at least 10 years old


Diving in the pool is for those who simply want to feel what if feels like underwater with all the scuba gear on. In this option the entire experience is conducted in our swimming pool and participants have the comfort and stability of a controlled environment. After a short briefing, participants get to try out diving with the equipment in our swimming pool under the supervision of a qualified PADI Instructor or Dive Master.

Course schedule for pool dive

The day starts at Into the Blue Dive Centre in Cape Town, where we meet at 9:15am. After registration, a PADI Instructor will give you a briefing and teach you how the scuba gear works. Then, when you are ready the fun starts as you get into the pool to take your first breath under the water!

We spend some time in the pool where we teach you a few skills, and play around under water as you experience the thrill of diving!


We start off the course by teaching you how to dive in the pool, same as in the first option. From here, we then go on to the real adventure – diving in the ocean in Cape Town!

Entering the sea from a gentle beach, we go underwater exploring and learning scuba diving. Depending on where you dive on the day (which is dependant on ocean conditions), you can potentially dive around a shipwreck lying about 5 metres deep, or, in a beautiful kelp forest. Sea-life love to gather around and grow on these wrecks and reefs – meaning you're in for a great dive! Cape Town has an abundance of sea life so you are sure not to be disappointed.

Skills that you learn in this course counts as credits toward your PADI Open Water Diver Certification, which is also offered in Cape Town by Into The Blue Scuba Diving.

Course schedule for pool and ocean dive around Cape Town

We meet at the Into the Blue shop in Seapoint Cape Town at 09:15. After registration, participants watch a DVD of 45 minutes, which explains to you how to use the equipment and what you should expect during your dives. From here on we go to our pool, where the dive instructor teaches you how the equipment works and a few skills that will make you comfortable in the sea.

When you are ready, we proceed to the real fun – diving in the ocean!

Your day should finish at roughly 15:00.


  1. I have never dived before – can I do this experience?
    Yes! This experience has been designed especially for people who have never dived before, or have no diving experience.

  2. Do I need to be able to swim?
    Yes, you do need to be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

  3. How fit do I need to be?
    You don’t need to be uber fit to dive, but you do need to be reasonably healthy. You can download our medical questionnaire here and if you answer “yes” to any of the questions on there, you would need a doctors’ note to be able to dive. If you answer “no” to all if the questions, you do not need a doctors note.

  4. Can I go dive on my own after I have finished this experience?
    No – this experience is not a course that certifies you – it is only meant as a way to experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of a PADI Instructor. If you would like to get certified as a diver, you need to do the PADI Open Water Course.

  5. I am thinking about going on to my Open Water Course – do I get any credit towards my Open Water Course for doing this experience
    Yes! If you decide to go on with your Open Water Course with us within 3 months of doing your Discover Scuba Ocean dives with us, you get a R500 discount towards your Open Water course.


What have others said about Into the Blue Scuba Dive Center?

Camille K

So glad I got certified with Into the Blue! - Getting certified...

has been on the top of my bucket list for years now, but I have never found the time to do it. I am an American but I was studying in Cape Town for a semester so some friends and I decided to take the plunge and sign up to get our open water cert. I cannot praise Into the Blue enough. What really makes this place incredible is the staff. They were helpful, professional, and fun. For many people, myself included, scuba diving is a completely new experience and having instructors that are helpful while keeping things fun made me more comfortable throughout the experience. As far logistics go, they provide all gear during the certification process and allow you to schedule all of your dives (OW and pool) on your own schedule. All I can say is the next time I am in Cape Town, I will definitely be paying Into the Blue a visit.

Clinton Bobbert

I recommend anyone that is nervous or thinking twice to do scuba diving, it is the best choice you can...

I grew up on the sea, always wondered how it must be into the deep blue sea. Then one day me and my wife decided to do an attempt to do scuba diving and I was quite nervous about going under water but thanks to the Into the blue crew and their patience and determination me and my wife found a new hobby and looking forward to go around the world and scuba dive all around the world. So from me and my wife we want to thank Cape Town, South Africa, Into the blue, for what we have experienced and thank you for opening a new world to us! I recommend anyone that is nervous or thinking twice to do scuba diving, it is the best choice you can ever make!

Julien van Zyl

I've been doing a scuba course with these guys, and am very impressed...

with the level of personal attention and professionalism. The staff are all warm, friendly and patient. I would highly recommend Into the Blue.