Join us for x2 beautiful scuba dives & explore the ocean from above!

 2 x Boat scuba dives (snorkelers also welcome)

 A scenic Ocean Safari

 A full day of adventure (8am - 4pm)

 Free hotel pick-up available from Cape Town central

 Dive the best spots in Cape Town

 Equipment rental & MPA permit included

 Only R2800 per person

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Cape Towns' beautify is world renowned - both under water, and above water. With our diving ocean safari, you get the best of both worlds - see Cape Town and surrounds during our ocean safari, while also diving and exploring our beautiful underwater reefs! We do 2 dives on a day, and choose the best spots of the day based on ocean conditions. Our dives are the following:

Dive 1: Kelp forests

Cape Towns Kelp forests are magical! Light streams playfully through the kelp leaves onto the sandy bottom, as we explore this wonderland where the fish love to come and hide. Look out for seals, octopus, crayfish, various species of fish and small sharks on this dive!

Dive 2: Soft Coral Reef

The colours of Cape Town under water are that of autumn - purples, oranges, browns, and many shades of pastel! These soft coral reefs are an explosion of colours, full of sea stars, sea fans, spongues, Nudibranchs, and so much more!

The Safari Part

Above water, we take the opportunity to look at stranded wrecks, seal colonies, and we often run into wildlife like Penguins, Dolphins, and even Whales!  All of this is against the dramatically beautiful backdrop of the mountains surrounding the Cape! We have different routes that we take - depending on ocean conditions - but they all have some special scenery and attributes. Not a certified diver? Come and join us as a snorkeller!

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how does it work?

Cape Town's oceans are dynamic, with changing conditions making it best to explore different diving spots by traveling on the water. This also allows for enjoying the stunning above-water scenery, appealing to nature-loving divers. Our trips include two dives, offering both scuba diving for certified divers and snorkeling options.

Where do we go?

We select from four main safari routes based on daily conditions:

  1. Atlantic Route 
  2. Houtbay Route
  3. False Bay North Route
  4. False Bay South Route

Where do we meet?

For all the routes the meeting point is the same - at Into the Blue Dive Centre in Sea Point. We are able to provide you with transport from there and back, at no extra charge.

What do we see on our dives?

Our goal is two dives at distinct sites: a kelp forest and a soft coral reef, with a possible shipwreck dive depending on conditions and group preferences. These wrecks, rich with marine life, have been submerged for years. All dives are suitable for those with Open Water Certification (less than 18 meters deep).

For deep dives, inform us to arrange a special dive. If you prefer skipping ocean exploration and focusing on scuba diving, consider our shore dives. Dive sites are chosen by the skipper and guides based on current conditions.

Why not dive at the seal colonies?

Although we still quite often see seals on our dives, we have decided not to do dives at the actual seal colonies themselves anymore. There has recently been a  significant uptick in unprovoked seal attacks on divers in South Africa, so much so that as a company we feel it would be irresponsible to continue with this practise for the time being. Research into the cause of this is ongoing, but until the situation is resolved we have decided to go for the safer option and avoid seal colonies for the time being.

Some of our dive sites:

On our trips we aim to take you to the best possible spot for the day. We decide this based on the prevailing wind conditions, and also on where visibilty is good on the day, as seen from the boat on our safari. Cape Town has very dynamic oceans, and we have to be ready to adapt to where dives are best on the day. . Below we have listed just a couple of the dive sites we regularly dive, although there are many more!


Justin’s Caves is a rocky reef outcrop located opposite the Twelve Apostles Hotel in Oudekraal, Cape Town, and is a favourite spot for most locals. The site includes “caves” that you can swim through, surrounded by a beautiful kelp forest. The aquatic wildlife you can expect to see varies from small shoals of fish, to nudibranch colonies and mussels. There are loads of sponges, sea urchins, brightly coloured sea anemones and even some soft and hard corals! The diversity in colour is what makes it one of the most colourful dives in Cape Town.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to see a Puffadder Shyshark at this site.

Justin’s Caves Scuba Facts:

  • Depth – 7 - 14 metres
  • Boat/Shore – Shore
  • Minimum Qualification – Open Water
  • Possible night dives? – Yes
  • Additional equipment?  - Torch, compass
  • Best time to go? – October – May


As its name implies, Sandy Cove is a sandy reef with a few rocks in a sheltered bay. It is perfect for beginner divers, or those who want a shore dive with relatively no surface swim. Located opposite the Twelve Apostles Hotel in Oudekraal near Cape Town, this site is where most of the locals go. The aquatic wildlife you can expect to see, varies from small shoals of Hottentots fish, to rocks covered in nudibranch colonies. There are even a couple of short-tail stingrays to spot if you are really lucky!

Sandy Cove Scuba Facts:

  • Depth – 5 - 9 metres
  • Boat/Shore – Shore
  • Minimum Qualification – Open Water
  • Possible night dives? – Yes
  • Additional equipment? - Compass
  • Best time to go? – October – May


A-Frame is a rocky reef located in the Oatlands area of Simon's Town in the Cape. It is a site suitable for novice divers, and has some interesting aspects for the more experienced. The site was given its name from a wooden tripod that was used for navigation. There are lots of invertebrates like sponges, sea anemones and even some corals on this dive that covers the rocky overhangs and some swim-throughs. Mussels and abalone can also be found here.

A-Frame Scuba Facts:

  • Depth – 5 -10 metres
  • Boat/Shore – Shore
  • Minimum Qualification – Open Water
  • Possible night dives? – No
  • Additional equipment?  - Torch, compass
  • Best time to go? – May – October


Windmill Beach is located in Simon's Town in False Bay, Cape Town. The site has a sandy sea bottom topography with large granite boulders hugging the coastline. There are a couple of pinnacles in the north east side of the site. Marine life to be seen consists of invertebrates such as nudibranch colonies and small shoals of fish.

Windmill Beach Scuba Facts:

  • Depth – 8 -10 metres
  • Boat/Shore – Shore
  • Minimum Qualification – Open Water
  • Possible night dives? – Yes
  • Additional equipment? - Torch, compass
  • Best time to go? – May – October


We have 4 main safari routes - Atlantic Route, Hout Bay Route, False Bay South Route, and False Bay North Route.The Diving Safari Route of the day is dependant on the prevailing winds on ocean conditions. While exploring the oceans, we keep a keen out for any special ocean animals we might encouter along the way!

Atlantic Route

This is normally our summer route. We launch the boat near the V&A Waterfront, and go out on to the sea in front of Table Mountain. We go around Clifton, and proceed south towards the 12 Apostles.

Above Water Sites we normally visit on this route:

• See Table Mountain from the sea
• The wreck of the RMS Athens
• Lions Head, Signal Hill
• We go south past the magnificent 12 Apostles Mountain Peaks
• Seal colony at Strawberry Rocks
• The wreck of the Antipolis

Houtbay Route

This is another of our summer routes. We launch the boat in Houtbay, and, apart from diving, visit the following sites:

• Duiker Island Seal Colony (no diving, see safety notice)
• The shipwreck of the Boss400
• Sandy Beach at Llandudno
• The stunning cliffs of Chapmans Peak

False Bay Southern Route

This is one of our winter routes, although we might do it in summer if conditions dictate. We launch the boat at Millers’ Point, and turn south. Between dives, we aim to visit these sites:

• The Seal Colony at Partridge Point (No diving, see safety notice).
• Sea Caves on the Cape Peninsula
• The dramatic cliffs at Cape Point

False Bay Northern Route

This is also a typical winter route. We launch the boat at Millers’ Point, and aim to visit these sites between dives:

• The seal colony at Partrige Point (No diving, see safety notice)
• The Shipwreck of the Clan Stuart
• The lighthouse in False Bay

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to nature, we have seen:

  • Dolphins
  • Penguins
  • Sunfish
  • Seals
  • Penguins

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What have others said about Into the Blue Scuba Dive Center?


Great Experience - I did two fun dives with Into The Blue (plus I also booked the shark cage…

 through them) and I had an excellent experience. The communication via email was great and the brunette at reception (I'm really sorry but I didn't catch your name) was very friendly and helpful. My dive guide for the day was Jacque, who was also very welcoming and made the day a lot of fun. We did a wreck dive which was okay and then a dive with seals, and from my 800+ dives it was definitely one of my most favourite so far. JP was driving the boat for us and he was very attentive, the whole dive centre seemed very organised and I would definitely recommend them. The only disappointment from the day was that Llewellyn didn't ask me to marry him :)
Thanks a lot guys!

Carina Koenig

Epic experience with the greatest team!�Thank you so much!

Julien van Zyl

I've been doing a scuba course with these guys, and am very impressed...

with the level of personal attention and professionalism. The staff are all warm, friendly and patient. I would highly recommend Into the Blue.