Fun dives Cape Town

If you are looking for opportunities to try out your scuba dive skills you have come to the right place. At Into The Blue Scuba Dive Centre in Cape Town, we pride ourselves on providing with the very best fun scuba dive opportunities in the Cape.

These fun dives may take the form of nature dives, where we explore kelp forests and discover the underwater beauty the Cape has to offer, diving with Cape Fur Seals or one of our shark dive experiences. Click on the buttons below to find the right scuba dive cape town experience for you.

fun dive nature

Nature scuba dives

Cape Town has some beautiful and unique reefs to dive on. The soft coral is extremely colourful, and the kelp forests makes it feel like you are diving in a fairy tale! Little fish come to hide in these kelp forests, and they the gentle sway of the kelp in the surge with the sunlight coming down in beams almost makes it feel surreal! READ MORE

fun snorkel seal snorkel

Scuba dive with seals

Ever seen a playful dog under water? That is exactly what diving with seals are like! Above water they seem very lazy and a bit grumpy, but under water they transform into the most playful acrobatic creatures you can imagine! They will come and blow bubbles in your face, barking underwater, and you will be amazed at how much energy they have! READ MORE

fun dive seal snorkel

Snorkelling with seals

You don't need to be a scuba diver to see the seals - you can snorkel with them as well! They come right up to the surface, and you can have a great time viewing this spectacle playing off right below you. READ MORE

fun dive shipwreck

Wreck diving

Cape Town has about 800 shipwrecks, which means there is a wreck that suits everyone! Some are historical, while others have become beautiful artificial reefs for fish and soft coral to live on. READ MORE

fun dive cowshark

Scuba dive with cow sharks

Diving with cow sharks is quite an unique opportunity - these sharks are actually deep water sharks, that normally live at about 800 meters deep! It is not known yet why there is a shallow water colony here close to Cape Town, but it makes for an amazing dive! We see these sharks on about 80% of these dives, but even if you don't see them it is still an amazing reef to dive on! The best time for this dive is in our winter months (May - October). READ MORE

fun dive mako

Scuba dive with blue and mako sharks

This dive is not for everyone - it is far out at sea, and you have to be very comfortable with your buoyancy, as it is a bottomless dive. It is, however, an unforgettable experience! Blue sharks come and circle in the open water, and on occasions you might see a Mako shark! This dive is only done occasionally, in the summer months. READ MORE

fun dive greatwhiteshark

Cage dive with great white sharks

For divers and non-divers - get in the cage and come face to face with huge great white sharks! This is a once in a lifetime experience, which is not only a thrill but also helps you see how beautiful these animals are! Those who do not want to get in the water can also view these sharks from the boat, as they come right up to the surface. READ MORE